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Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags “Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers” (FIBC’s) are large bags made from a woven polypropylene fabric. Bulk Bags are designed to store and transport any dry flowable product.


CARBON BAG We manufacture all types of bulk bags (FIBC). Types include circular woven, U panel, 4 panel and baffle bag designs. Our plants are ISO 9001 /2008 and AIB certified. All bags are custom made to our customers’ specifications and requirements and meet ISO 21898 standards. From UN Certified to Type C and D bags, we can manufacture any type of FIBC. We also offer several different liner designs for our bulk bags. Liner designs range from tubular gusseted to form fit barrier film liners. Our team is available to assist with full design services to ensure you are getting the best designed bag for your application requirements.

Baffled bag


We manufacture several types of baffled bags (FIBCS). These designs include fabric baffles, webbing baffles and baffled poly liners.


standard FIBC Typ CWe manufacturer custom made Type C Conductive and Type D Static Dissipative FIBC’s of all sizes and designs. Our Type C and D bags are certified to meet 2012 IEC 6134O-4-4.