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Composite Containers is a leader in designing and manufacturing all types of semi-bulk and bulk industrial packaging.

Whether you are using bulk bags, drums, corrugated boxes, bottle and cage IBC’s or single use IBC’s, Composite Containers is the answer you have been searching for to improve your companies efficiencies and profitability. Let us educate you on the world of semi bulk packaging so you can make the best decision for your company.

Our Indian and Chinese bulk bag plants are ISO Certified 9001:2008. In addition our Chinese manufacturing plant is AIB Certified. Our plants are horizontally integrated, from raw materials to finished goods, we have full traceability on all products we produce.

We produce all types of liners, including tubular gusseted and form fit, from PP, LLDPE resins and barrier films. Our Flexcube IBC replaces corrugated boxes, eliminating paper fiber contamination from your facility. Our Stacksack IBC replaces bulk bags and can be stacked up to 5 high with top lift bottom spout discharge designs available. No assembly required, simply set our IBC’s up and you are ready to fill.

Customers using Composite Container semi bulk re-useable packaging products are improving their sustainability by switching from single use boxes and bulk bags to our reusable Stacksacks and Flexcube IBC’s.

To accompany our Composite IBC line, we offer a full range of plastic pallets including vacuum formed, structural foam and rotationally molded pallets. We can supply the proper pallet for your application.

In addition to our semi bulk packaging line, we produce woven polypropylene and LLDPE film container liners for dry flowable products. We offer full logistical support with our ocean transport partners, offering door to door service, including delivery on tilt chassis.

Let us help your company improve your safety, quality, productivity, and cost.

Our full lines of re-usable IBC’s will increase your sustainability, lower your ergonomics, and reduce your carbon data footprint.

See why more fortune 500 companies are turning to Composite Container’s to provide packaging solutions that no other companies can provide. More companies have switched to Composite Containers for their industrial packaging needs than any other packaging company over the last 3 years!